Frequently asked questions

What do I get if I sign up?

You get access to:

  • a searchable database of 500+ child-friendly places and activities
  • a calendar of child- and family-friendly events
  • our popular Thursday guide to the weekend
  • a closed FB community of likeminded parents, with regular parenting expert talks

What age range does Agaaain cater for?

We connect parents to the best activities, events and places for toddlers, school kids and teens.

Why sign up to Agaaain when I can find places on the internet?

While lots of info is available online, we save you hours and hours of internet research by doing the slog work for you. We carefully select, review and rate venues according to our criteria of child-friendliness -all for the price of two cappuccinos. Members receive discounts & special offers each month, so you’ll make your membership fee back and save even more!

Our lives are already so busy. How much time will I spend on Agaaain?

We are all about making parents’ lives easier. As a member, you’ll spend much less precious time searching the internet – giving you more leisure time with your family. Our weekend guide is one concise email and our searchable database ensures you have the results you need at your fingertip.

What are my subscription options?

You can sign up for R49 per month (cancel anytime) or for R490 per year (get 2 months for free)!

How many children does a subscription cover?

One subscription covers your whole family, not matter how many kids you have! Only one parents needs to sign up and you can all use Agaaain to plan outings.

What is the cancellation policy?

Monthly subscribers can cancel anytime! If you signed up for the year, you can choose not to renew your subscription at the end of 12 months. We’ll send you a reminder well in advance.

What are my payment options?

You can pay with a credit, cheque or debit card via PayFast (Visa or Mastercard are accepted).

What discounts will I get?

Every month, we’ll make discounts & special offers available from our favourite child-friendly venues and local kids’ brands. Members will receive emails with promo codes and we’ll also announce them inside the agaaain community forum. You’ll make back your monthly membership fee and more.

Can I use Agaaain on the go?

Yes, our website is designed mobile first. Simply call up on your phone, tap “Add to Home Screen” and our Icon will appear on your screen.

What areas of Cape Town do you cover?

We list activities within a +/- 60km radius of Cape Town: from the City Bowl, including the Atlantic Seaboard, southern and northern suburbs, to the tip of the Cape Peninsula, the winelands and Somerset West up until Elgin – pretty much everything you can reach within a 1.5 hour drive from town.

Why does Agaaain have three a’s?

It’s what kids say when they really like something – thanks for asking! “Agaaain, agaaain mummy!” Does that ring a bell?!

Any other questions?

Drop us an email at hello[at]