Agaaain! connects busy parents to the best child-friendly activities in and around Cape Town to help them make most of precious family time.

From beaches to restaurants, markets and playgrounds, we reveal the abundant options that this beautiful city offers – whether you’re accompanied by babies, toddlers, children or teens.

Kids only get one childhood. We help you make it count.

Our internal search bar, events calendar and weekly newsletter help parents quickly find fun outings. We save you precious time – best spent with your kids – and turn weekend planning into child’s play.

We believe the best venues cater to the whole family. That’s why when we rate kid-centric venues like trampoline parks or petting zoos, we always consider their adult-friendliness. And when listing grown-up venues like wine farms or eateries, we rate how much care has been taken to consider younger guests.

All our activities are carefully selected and no listing is sponsored to guarantee you an authentic, trustworthy experience.

Now go and create happy memories!

Meet Scout


Scout has a good nose for honey and sniffing out the best venues. He knows that routine is boring and what makes children’s hearts jump with joy.  But most of all, he knows how to turn weekend planning into child’s play.

How it all began

Agaaain! is the brainchild of Kristin Palitza. When her daughter Ella (now 8) was born, Kristin was constantly on the search for child-friendly activities that are fun for adults, too. It was surprisingly hard to find them. Working full-time, she didn’t have the time to do hours of internet searches – and still come up with little useful info. She also didn’t want to try out places on a hit-and-miss basis. So she created a guide that makes parents’ lives easy and leisure time more fun.

Yet, Cape Town has an abundance of fabulous experiences to offer. With more than 25 years’ experience in the media sector, Kristin decided to create a website that helps families have more fun together and create happy memories.

Kristin Palitza