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Iziko Natural History Museum

City Bowl

This museum is a bit old-school, but children love it nonetheless (and parts are in the middle of an upgrade). There are hundreds of stuffed South African animals to see over several floors, from very small rodents up to elands, rhinos, giraffes and elephants. Whale skeletons are suspended from the ceiling and children can admire fossils, gems and cave paintings. A small gallery covers Charles Darwin’s famous visit to South Africa.

The museum’s 1.5 million scientific specimens ensure there is lots to discover for kids of all ages.
A kids’ favourite is having their photo taken inside the jaws of a gigantic fossil shark.

Great for:

School kids
School kids

What makes it even better

Good coffee
Adults can join in

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Where to find it

25 Queen Victoria Street, Company Gardens
Show number 021 481 3900